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Driving Home For Christmas with Chris Rea and MINI





2021, London

The video project “Driving Home For Christmas with Chris Rea and MINI” was conceived as a heartwarming tribute to the holiday season, encapsulating the essence of returning home to loved ones during the festive period. This project was inspired by the classic Mini and the iconic song “Driving Home for Christmas,” written by Chris Rea, which itself has a direct connection to the Mini brand. The background story of the song’s inspiration adds a layer of authenticity and personal touch to the campaign, with Chris Rea having composed the song while driving in a Mini during a snowy Christmas Eve in 1978.

To bring this vision to life, the production team focused on capturing the genuine experiences of Mini drivers as they navigated various terrains to reunite with their families for the holidays. The footage showcases drivers on highways, motorways, gravel, and snowy country roads, highlighting the adventurous spirit of Mini owners and the versatility of the vehicles in different weather conditions. This real-world approach ensured the video resonated with viewers, bridging the gap between the brand’s heritage and contemporary stories of holiday travels. The project also served as a platform to promote Mini’s brand campaign “Big Love,” emphasizing the values of diversity, inclusivity, and community. Mini’s commitment to welcoming new ideas and celebrating differences is mirrored in the diverse backgrounds and stories of the Mini drivers featured in the video. The campaign’s slogan, “We are all different, but pretty good together,” perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Mini community, showcasing how individuality and a shared sense of belonging can coexist harmoniously. Overall, the production of “Driving Home For Christmas with Chris Rea and MINI” was a multifaceted endeavor that combined storytelling, brand values, and real-life experiences. It highlighted the Mini’s role in holiday traditions, the importance of coming home, and the brand’s ethos of diversity and community. This project not only paid homage to Chris Rea’s timeless Christmas anthem but also reinforced Mini’s position as a brand that cherishes and celebrates the journeys that bring people together.

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