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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Do I need a Picture Researcher?

If you need someone to do all the grunt work in finding you brilliant photos from picture libraries (some I guarantee you’ve never heard of), social media sites or places you didn’t know existed then yes, you need a Picture Researcher I can do all this heavy lifting for you.  I am constantly on the lookout for new sources for my Picture Research and have extensive knowledge in finding edifying or illustrative images for all kinds of projects.

What about Footage Research, do you do that as well?

Yes, I have been a Footage Researcher on and off for the last 10 years.  My clients seem to want this service more and more these days.  Again, I can get you unique footage from unique sources as well as the well-trodden places.

I have been hearing a lot about UGC (User Generated Content) or Sourced Content, what is it?

It’s a title for (in most cases) authentic images and video.  These kinds of social media assets can be laborious and time consuming to source as much of this material is not key-worded and is tricky to navigate and even tracking down the copyright holder can involve some clever detective work.

I have sourced and licensed fantastic UGC assets that have appeared on campaigns around the World for a variety of clients, ensuring the asset is fully released, which can include anything from models, locations and 3rd party branding if featured.

Bet you’ve seen some things. What kind of projects do you get involved with?

Yeah, I have. I’ve seen all kinds of human sadness and happiness in photos as a picture researcher, sometimes you just stumble on this stuff or I get it in emails from agencies (legacy accounts from when I worked on newspapers and magazines).  I have worked on projects that never see the light of day (pitch work for Ad Agencies to win them new clients or to get approval for a new creative concept), billboards for huge conglomerate companies, brochures, company websites, leaflets, books, Royal Commemorations, training manuals, product launches, a bank of assets that a company can use at will (with the right licenses in place), World event books, copyright clearance, images for museums and planetariums.  If it’s a photo or piece of footage you are after then I will find you the best one and get it for you at a brilliant price too.

What if I wanted to create my own pictures or footage, can you produce these kinds of assets too, are you a creative producer?

As well as researching, I have produced photo and video assets for many clients. Everything I do in picture researching and footage research feeds into image and footage creation. 

Here are some of the clients who I have produced assets for in the past (and present): Saatchi & Saatchi, The United Nations, AOL, Pearson, Wella, Oxford University Press, O2, M&C Saatchi, Direct Line, Lenovo, DLKWLowe, Three Mobile, Nelson Thornes, Gravity Road and you if this is what you are after (I have others but because of all the NDAs I am asked to sign I can’t talk about them).  I have managed all pre + post production for my clients, working with lots of different crews/teams for tons of different projects.  I can street cast for talent if this is your thing, manage the project from start to finish.  I also handle legal documents like model and property releases and invoicing too so you get one invoice not tons of emails, paperwork and grief.

You sound great, when would be best to get you involved in my project?

As soon as you need to start sourcing images or footage!

I tend to be called in when there is little time, if it’s a long from project, or if the creative needs a bit of image stimulus to help the ideas flow or come alive.  My researching skills kick in as soon as you need them.